Mountain Warehouse Raso Womens Fleece Petrol Blue 10

Naturally warm and soft, the Raso Womens Fleece is perfect for layering up against the wind. Designed in microfleece, this soft touch and breathable fleece will keep you dry and comfortable and protect you from the cold – great for when the wind picks up. Microfleece – Very lightweight fleece which provides warmth without weight. Ideal for layering Breathable – Highly breathable fabric lets moisture out, making sure you stay dry on the inside Lightweight – Makes it great for travelling, walking and more. No added bulk Antipill – The fleece will remain soft and smooth, even after washing Quick Drying – Quick to dry thanks to its absorbent fibres Adjustable Hem – Adjustable features at the hem allow you to fit this fleece to your body shape Pockets – The Raso has two front pockets Layer It – Perfect for layering, team with a baselayer and a waterproof shell for best results

Ref: 023485.170619

Product Features

  • Soft Touch Microfleece
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Antipill
  • Adjustable Hem

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3 Responses to Mountain Warehouse Raso Womens Fleece Petrol Blue 10

  1. Daddyeggbert says:

    Mountain Warehouse Vs North Face

  2. Amanda says:

    Beautiful, light and warm!

  3. Lindyloo1 says:

    Love the colour

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