Picking Up Winter Coats and Jackets for Men and Women

Fashion is an ever changing concept. The change in fashion concept incorporates newer and better trends. New trends usher in inventive deals and new styles for everyone. Fashion is not all about fulfilling all the styling wants of women but also for men. Hottest fashion statements point to formal and informal coats and jackets. The movements continue till the combinations are found innovated. Different accessories that goes along them becomes pretty essential to further enhance the already existing fashion statement.

Here is a guide for picking up the coats and jackets for both men and women to cope up with the ever changing fashion trends.

Selecting winter coats and jackets for men

Breezing cold winds find coats and jackets as warming retreat. There are many alternatives when it is about choosing coats and jackets for men. When you are going to your office or for an outing you should avoid wearing your ski parka, instead you can stick to the old winter coat that falls between your thigh and knee. Knowing the difference between coats and jackets can help you pick the right ones for the right occasions. When temperature turns out to be frigid, you got to consider many factors while picking up coat and jackets for you.

Here are some of the factors that you should consider to make things easy for you


Cashmere and wool are the two different fabrics that go along with choosing a coat or a jacket. Cashmere can be warmer than wool. The price of cashmere is a little high than that of the wool. When compared with durability cashmere lags behind the wool fabrics. Wool shows greater strength in snowy conditions as compared to its cashmere counterpart. While picking of a coat or a jacket you need to consider the thickness of the fabrics. Both the fabrics fit well to the body over dress.


Right fit of coats is essential that goes well with fashion and comfort. Always choose a coat or a jacket 1 fit above your normal shirt fit. This makes it comfortable without causing you layer binding over your shoulder or neck. The shoulder seams should just fall naturally on your shoulder. In this way the coats or jackets fall on the body with a good profile line. Different coats or jackets have different measurements but everything depends on the way the jackets fit to your body.

Slipping the coats or jackets on the body

While wearing those on your body, don’t just slip those on. Find a chair to sit on. Don’t forget to raise your arms. Before wearing your new coat for an occasion just give it a test drive.

Style to bring in perfection

When you go down to fashionable options, you can get a variety of options. As per new fashion trends most of the men prefer military inspired designs gray, black or brown color. Jeans and corduroy trousers best fit the jackets to give a formal look with navy clothes.

Selecting flattering winter coats and jackets for women

As winter cools you off, it’s the time to look for coats or jackets for women. It becomes further more essential if you are living in a cold climate. To make the purchase bigger you should take various factors in to consideration. Above all you should take care of the fit and comfort while choosing a coat or jacket for women. It should give you the best look. It should be versatile for meeting all occasional needs that come in your life.

Here are some of the tips for picking up winter coats or jackets


If you are choosing daily wear jackets or coats, you should be considering wool coats or jackets. A sport parka fits to a situation when you are taking your kids to music classes and sports sessions. When you are going out of the town on a weekend you should choose lock coats or jackets. Down coats or jackets fit very well to the party occasions.

Take care of the ‘fit’ factor of coats or jackets with your wardrobe

Just layering a coat or jacket over your wardrobe doesn’t make you flaunt about your fashion sense. A trench coat works the best for women instead of a motor cycle coat when they consider fit.

Flattering coats

Women should wear a coat that makes them look taller. Generally coats just above the knee line makes you legs look elongated. If you are trying to boast about your curves, trying a belted coat can be the best option. This gives an hourglass look to women. Single breasted coats or jackets make you helps you from looking top-heavy. When you are worried about looking bottom heavy, you should try out A-line coats. A V-neck coat suits you when you have large shoulders or large bust.

Jackets for adventure

Winter is season that demands adventures like mountaineering and other. Winter parkas and casual jackets with protective layers come handy in these situations. Technical parkas are the jackets that fit all types of difficult situation during your winter trips allowing you to work wearing these. You should longer jackets in these situations.

Synthetic coats or jackets

Synthetic jacket is heavier in comparison to its counterpart. It maintains its insulating properties even when it gets moisture. It means even if you make it wet it will give you the warmth as in the dry condition. The best thing about these jackets is that even if you get a hole in these jackets, the jacket will maintain its insulating properties.

Taking care of your coat or jacket

Care is essential for your winter coats or jackets. Snow, ice and mud put adverse effect on your coat or jacket to a great extent. You should wash these in a dryer regularly for easy maintenance of these.

With the advent of chilly winter while you look for the new coats and jackets you can’t randomly peak these from a store. You got to consider some of the important factors for bringing best out of those. Picking the right coat for the right occasion helps you gaining accolades from your friends and surroundings. Tips for choosing jackets or coats always come handy while picking these for upcoming winter.


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