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♥Versatile and Comfortable Innoo Tech baby Wrap
As a mom of 15-month-old boy, I know what I want for my baby. And this’s what I want for you and your baby. The Innoo Tech baby wrap is an extremely versatile and comfortable Asian inspired (Mei Tai) baby wrap, easily worn on your front, back. Since it can be used form birth to toddlerhood( or beyond) it provides excellent value for pounds spent… truly the only baby carrier you’ll ever need! This baby wrap not only makes life easier and more comfortable during your daily routine, it also contributes positively to your baby’s social, emotional and physical development

100% rock solid, money back guarantee
made from high-quality French Terry, a firm, tightly-woven 95% cotton, 5% spandex
has no buckles or rings. it simply ties on with tapered ends design
keeps legs apart, and supports baby’s head, neck and spine
comes standard with an information dvd and a storage bag
suitable for newborns to 35lbs
a nice gift for baby shower, expectant mother, first-time-mother
enjoy hands free
without getting tired or getting any sore muscles
enhances the bond between mother and baby
machine washable and can be thrown in the dryer afterward

So what are you waiting for? With the lifetime warranty, get your Innoo Tech baby wrap on risk free!!

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Product Features

  • ♥Keep Your Baby Safe and Pleasant-The baby sling is 4.5 meters long, 0.55 meters wide meaning it can provides excellent support for your baby’s head, neck,back and gives pleasant ride for the baby.
  • ♥Reduces Crying: When the baby is wrapped in a sling, its muscles relax and crying will not come easily. With relaxed muscles, it’s much easier for the baby to fall asleep.
  • ♥Be Hands Free- With the baby sling, you have free use of both of your hands. You can wash dishes, go for walks, go shopping or walk your dog while quieting a restless baby. Both mommy and baby are happy!
  • ♥Keep You Comfortable-Say goodbye to shoulder and back strain. The sling surrounds you and your baby’s spines, making it easy to counteract the baby’s weight with your back. You will no longer get tired or getting any sore muscles.
  • ♥Enhance the Bond with Baby-Babies all love being close to mommy!Stay close to mom’s heart, a baby can hear your beating heart and feel the warmth from your body in the sling where he can feel peace of mind.

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