The North Face Men’s Gotham Jacket – Keep rain and snow at bay with this North Face down jacket

The North Face Men’s Gotham Jacket – Keep rain and snow at bay with this North Face down jacket

The North Face Men’s Gotham Jacket is a classic cold weather jacket that is fantastic at repelling, rain, cold and snow in equal measure. Whilst Gareth goes through the Gotham in more detail (no Batman jokes please), let’s see what the North Face has to say about the jacket as well.

You might not get to Gotham City any time soon, but wherever you are in the world you can protect against the elements with the Men’s Gotham Jacket. Help your body shrug off low temperatures and icy winds with plush 550 fill goose down, and add an extra layer of protection to your head with the faux fur trim around the hood. Multi-layer HyVent technology on the outer helps to repel water, while its breathable qualities allow moisture to be quickly drawn away from the body for evaporation. Customarily smart The North Face design incorporates two chest and two hand pockets, one of the latter featuring a key clip for security. Perfect for cold weather city outings.


Seam sealed
Detachable faux fur trim
Two patch-on chest pockets
Bicep pocket
Two patch-on hand pockets
Rib cuffs and hem
Key clip in hand pocket

WEIGHT 1330g

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Raymond Khan says:

Have you heard of the brand woods. Looks like a CG Chilliwack but a fraction of the price. Debating between woods and the Gotham jacket. Any suggestions (budget is 300)

Eagle Eye says:

Sleeves look to big for him and he looks tall . I would need a small but it fits like a medium . We are truly some overweight species

Ferbeldeyberb says:

Hi qualidey wadurproof.

Yang Sim says:

Hi, could you provide the UPC or the EAN for that EXACT jacket in the video? I know that's an older version of the Men's Gotham Jacket, I have the exact same one.

mountain meowth says:

The best coat I own, so warm I can't wear it if it is above 20'F outside. Get one you will love it.

Janah says:

The jacket is not listed in the link you posted under the video , could you provide an online shop that sells it , thanks.

Oscar Leo says:

Is this jacket God in 5 to 10 F weather

Gabriel Gómez says:

If you want to avoid the lines effect in hand and in motion of your subject of your reviews, in your video-edit software you must have the option in filters: "deinterlace" and voilá. BTW, GREAT review!
D'you have a review of L3 of summit series?

JoshingAbout says:

how does this compare to canada goose in a temperature of -40 celsius?

Kim Villanueva says:

can you make a review on gotham 2 jacket? pls

Kurtis Kelly says:

I just got the Gotham and it doesn't seem waterproof, nor does it say hyvent? Are there different models??

Walter E. Kurtz says:

Do these jackets wear small or large?
I am 6'4" 265lbs and I am wondering if the 3XL will fit me.
The largest size as I understand is 3XL right?

Lazio2009 says:

The new gotham jacket is much nicer, the cut of the new jacket is fitted and the subtle differences are better. Like the covered draw strings on the hood.

Carl "CJ" Johnson says:

Nice review & I like that jacket! xD thumbs up

marie donnelly says:

Only ugly people buy real fur.

rachel loeb says:

Hes wearing a xl men's 8

wybornit says:

Hi, what size is recommended for male 6'0.5" 169lbs?

Bernardo says:

What size is he wearing?

faus gorgo says:

I have this. Sweet!

Joel s says:

you should do a video on the Men's Million Air Softshell if you can

Guy Ice says:

Im 5'11" 205 as well and the XL fits perfectly During a snowstorm the fur is actually pretty awesome to keep blowing snow out of your face. My ONLY nitpick is I find the upper shoulder area a "Cold spot". But only while just wearing a t shirt underneath. The big poofy down classics are warmer, but dorkier and a lot of them aren't water resistent. I own about six or seven North Face and Mountain Hardware Jackets and this is the one I'm taking to Iceland on holiday coming up.

Webtogs says:

Hi, a small should be perfect for you.

J Mercurio says:

What size is recommended for male 5'7 140 lbs?

LIlowendNYC says:

@webtogs Thanks! I assume then let it air-dry. I ask because I see so many ruined and it's a great garment.

Webtogs says:

If you need to wash the fur then I'd advise hand washing it carefully.

Webtogs says:

If you're still growing the a large is a better option for longevity!

Webtogs says:

Hi, he's 5ft 11.

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