The North Face Trevail Jacket Review (Feat. 100 Glacier Fleece, Sangro & Quest Jacket)

The North Face Trevail Jacket Review (Feat. 100 Glacier Fleece, Sangro & Quest Jacket)

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The North Face Trevail Jacket:



Tim Politi says:

Face, thanks just what I needed to know

Haris Afzal says:

How do you make it small like he did

Chris Lee says:

Nice review! Thanks for taking the time to do this. I think I️ will pick this up.

Eduardo Ramírez says:

Hello, What size is this jacket?

Alan Jackson says:

Thanks for for the review, it made me decide to purchase it in monument grey.

M M says:

Nice review! I have a question about the north face trevail jacket how is the quality off the jacket I saw some reviews people said the quality of this jacket is really bad I really doubt about If I should buy this jacket or not maybe can you help me out?

POMPA says:

Mans not hot

alszagency_ says:

Yo bro is the wrist cuff adjustable?

Bella Weider says:

1:08 great outfit ma boiii!

thensome09 says:

Is this Jacket water resistant bro?

About My Fro says:

FACE! The bloopers killed me, I know the struggle of not being able to pronounce words when recording lool

Мой Господин says:

Best review youtuber 🔥🔥

Maz P says:

I need this!

Lewis Dwyer says:

I love your vids bro keep it up

David Sagua says:

This jacket is so cool. The black design should be amazing too

drunkpunk says:

face. this video remembered that I need a new jacket. It's getting pretty chill😔

funkmiester says:

Face!! Almost at 1000, keep it up 🙂

Samuel Sagua says:

If you have any questions about – feel free to ask! Thanks for watching and don't forget to comment 'Face' to show me you've watched this jacket till the end! Bless Up!

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